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September 15th, 2018
8th Annual
Remember The  Fallen

Coming Events

May 12th 2018
Gun Raffle & military Event

"Welcome Home Vets "

Final for 2010

Donations: VFW Post 2801 $1975.00
Supplies Sent To Troops  978   LBS

Donations For 2011

07/23/2011 Villa Park  VFW Post 2801"Welcome Home Vets" 
9/11/2011 911 Event Family of a Fallen Bolingbrook Policeman  
11/05/2011  Manteno Veterans Hospital support to the Veterans 
12/03/2011 Evivvas Bar & Grill Lisle Gives Back to Toys for tots  

Donations For 2012

02/12/2012      "Welcome Home Vets" (Cheeseburger in Paradice Party)
02/01/2012      "Aubrey's Brooks Fund Raiser"  Hosted by  Chanahan PD
03/12/2012       Renegade Pigs Motorcycle Club  Shift Party Fund Raiser  
06/30/2012       "Welcome Home Veterans " VFW   Post 2801 Fund Raise
09/08/2012       "Remember the Fallen 501 c3  "   Aubrey Brook's Fund
09/08/2012      "Remember the Fallen 501 c3  "  Hanging Tough Fondation
09/08/2012       "Remember the Fallen 501 c3  "  Darien Officer Broselli fund

Thank You from Our 3rd Annual 09/08 Charity Event

Donations For 2013

01/16/2013    "Casey Kay West Fundraiser Event" Hosted by Magoos Eatery

"On behalf of the family of Jim Borsilli, I'd really like to thank you for your donation tonight.  The fact that you are remembering him and helping to take care of his sons seven months after he's been gone is very touching.  We really appreciate it."
Thanks again.
Lorie Borsilli-Kivi  
 06/29/2013 "Welcome Home Vets" (Guts Poker Run VFW Post 2801)

Donations For 2014

02/16/2014 "Benefit for the Sean Koren Family" Donation thru Steve Sinnott BPD
03/03/2014 "Benefit for Macayla" Hosted by Renegade Pigs Police & Fire M.C.0
06/28/2014 "Welcome Home Vets " Justified Guts Run @ Villa Pk VFW post 2801

Donations For 2015

08/27/2015 "Welcome Home Vets" Military Event
12/09/2015 "Toy Express" Children's Charity
11/04/2015 "Manteno's Veterans Hospital Support Event

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